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Replacing your old clothes or adding more to your wardrobe is a constant puzzle for most of us. Moreover, building a wardrobe from scratch isn't easy, especially with formal office dressing. Office dressing is not just about a suit and pants with a tie. It's more than that. 

Formal dressing is all about details; crisp details because, what you wear, how you present yourself is crucial, and it speaks louder than your words. People often judge others based on appearance. Dress like a criminal, and people get the vibes from you. Isn't that true?

 Look through the following tips and hacks to build the closet full of office attire that makes you feel proud of your collection:

  1. Clean up your current wardrobe: Before spending a dime on new threads, take a critical look at your existing clothing and keep all those aside which are damaged, non-essential, or don't fit. Decluttering your wardrobe helps you clean your closet; it will also help you understand what size and type of clothing you need based on your current needs. 

    We believe that, as you evolve as a person, your wardrobe should evolve too!

     Tip: If you don't want to sell your clothes or are not worth selling, consider donating them to charity or giving them away to someone who can use them.

  2.  Plan your ideal wardrobe: The next step is about analyzing what kind of formal clothes you will need for your workplace. There are a few things you need to add to your to-do before actually buying new clothing:
    •  Determine your body shape
    • Choose colors, patterns, and styles
    • List the types of office clothing you want to buy
    • Add accessories to your list

    Tip: Observe the way everyone dresses in your office. You don't want to look like a peacock in the world of penguins unless you are the top brass! Keep it stylish and contemporary, unique and classy, but don't look desperate!

  3. Invest smartly and slowly: More than "what you want," you should focus on "what you do not want." It's better to have a smaller wardrobe full of classic pieces instead of a pile of junk in the closet. So, do not invest in things that are not required or on a whim. It makes sense to invest in quality more than quantity. 

    Tip: Building your wardrobe is a consistent, long term plan that needs both time and money. Think ahead to the future and what you would need.

  4. Stay away from untailored formal clothing:  Buying work clothing right off the store shelves won't help you as they never fit perfectly, nor they give a crisp, clean look, instead of breaking your head in the stores and buying things which make you regret later.

    Tip: Visit for customized tailoring services. Get quick, efficient, and professionally tailored clothing by us that fits you perfectly, and you can stroll down the street without getting worried about looking saggy or bulky. 

    Why tailored clothing?

    • Professional & ready to go clothing for any workplace
    • Tailor-made just for you: Customized pattern, fabric, and style
    • Reproduce a garment you already own
    • Altering your favorite old clothes for a fresh, well-fitted look
    • Transparent service
  5. Organize your outfits: Once you have all your premium clothing pieces made by our professional tailors ready, it's time to organize your wardrobe. It's quite useless to know what to wear but not knowing where to find it in your messed-up wardrobe. An organized wardrobe with everything visible and properly arranged can help you choose your outfits in advance. Create a mix and match of all your tailored clothes, and create an outfit planner for yourself. 

    Keep a designated area for every kind of cloth. 

    Use correct hangers; Wooden hangers for suits, jackets, coats, Fracked hangers for silk or other delicate things, and Padded hangers for delicate garments like tops, lingerie & dresses.

    Pro tips:

    • Use laundry basket: Avoid dumping used clothes in your wardrobe. Use a laundry basket to avoid creating a mess.
    • Avoid the chair: When you have worn clothes that are not washed, do not throw them over a chair. Instead, have a designated space like a rack or a basket in your wardrobe.